Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am


This exhibition would not exist if it wasn’t for the time, love & energy that Gavin, Samuel, Courtney, Jamie, Iain, Ellis, Nick, Teri, John, Owen, Peter, Jonathan, Tiffany, John, Graeme, Mal, Cristian, Maya, Dean, Robert, JP, Rob, Robin, Jacob & Marc put into their pieces – thank you all so much for making this happen. Huge thanks also to Mike Allred & Christian Ward for donating their pieces for display & sale.

(Please check out the rest of the work that exists by these fantastic creators, and support it as best you can.)


To everyone that came along to the opening night, checked out the exhibition during it’s run, bought a piece, tweeted, Facebooked, Instagrammed, texted, emailed, whispered, or passed a note in class to spread the word about the show – thank you so much for your support.


To Orbital Comics & all it’s staff for allowing us the use of the exhibition space, and for constantly living up to your Eisner Award win – Karl & James have put together a great team over the years, and the place always feel like home.

To Ryan for the scanning, and general loveliness.
To Rosie & Becca for putting up with me whenever I had to bring work home.


To Phil for proof reading the press release.

To the pod family – Adam, Michael, & Amy for being the best.

To Print Space for handling the printing of the pieces for the show.

To my friends & family for being a great support as always, and keeping me from being a lad insane throughout!


To mum – thanks for the records & everything.

To David, for the music & inspiration.


To All the Young Dudes, Diamond Dogs, Pretty Things, Kooks, and Heroes.