A Celebration of David Bowie’s Music Through Art
Creating alternative cover sleeves for his singles & albums
Displaying in an exhibition in central London in early 2017
Sales in benefit of Cancer Research UK

Last year, thanks to the generosity of some of (in my honest opinion) the best comics artists working today, I curated the exhibition “Cover Versions” – asking artists to give their own take on a record of their choosing, by creating an alternative record sleeve.

The artists & albums involved were a wonderful eclectic mix, with the show itself being held in the gallery space of Orbital Comics in London. The purpose of the show was to not only showcase these great talents, and celebrate the great mediums of music & comics, but to raise awareness of the charity Brain Tumour Research, a cause very close to me.

The show was well received, and there have been many calls for a follow-up, but I’ve been waiting for the right reasons to do so.

Inspiration came in January, in the most unfortunate of circumstances.

I’m sure that I don’t need to tell you that the world lost one of its last great artists this year with the passing of David Bowie. He was a great performer, chameleon and talent, and the mark he left on the arts world is one that will doubtfully ever be surpassed. Never before have a seen such a unanimous outpouring of sadness, but also celebration on social media. He meant a lot to so many, and for a lot of us, it was like losing a family member (several friends messaged me to ask if I was ok – who else has warranted that kind of connection?)

January 2017 would have seen his 70th birthday, and in celebration, I would like to dedicate the next Cover Versions to Bowie. 25 artists have answered the call to give their own take on a Bowie single or album of their choosing. As with the last exhibition, prints of the pieces will be made available for purchase in the aid of a charitable organisation. In this case, Cancer Research UK.

The exhbition launches on Friday 13th January, at Orbital Comics, and will run for 3 weeks.